Oculomotor Exercises Therapy in Estero

If you are suffering from dizziness, poor coordination, and balance issues as a result of an eye or brain injury, Naples Community Injury Center can help you move past these symptoms so you can improve your quality of life.

Oculomotor exercises therapy in Estero treats oculomotor dysfunction as part of an overall customized treatment plan that will address your unique needs. This tailored set of exercises can help you move forward after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or other serious injury.

Our team is here to discuss your injuries and how your oculomotor dysfunction is affecting your daily life. We offer treatments in Estero that can help you move forward after a life-altering injury. Call us at (239) 631-5445  or fill out our online contact form to learn more about how we help patients with oculomotor dysfunction.

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Symptoms and Conditions Oculomotor Exercises Therapy in Estero Can Help

In our Estero office, our physical therapists and chiropractors take a dual approach to treating issues involving the eyes, because issues involving how your eyes and brain work together can affect many other aspects of your health. Some of the wide range of symptoms and conditions that may benefit from oculomotor exercises therapy include:

  • Brain injury – Oculomotor therapy retrains eye movements and visual processing to help recover your full function after brain injury.
  • Brain swelling or cranial bleeding – Oculomotor therapy can help restore coordinated eye movements and balance after brain swelling or bleeding.
  • Diabetes – Oculomotor training may improve visual functioning that has been compromised by diabetes.
  • Difficulty telling how close or far things are – Targeted eye exercises build visual perceptual skills for accurate depth perception.
  • Headaches or eye strain – Oculomotor therapy relieves strain on the ocular and visual system to ease headaches.
  • High blood pressure – Retraining eye movements helps those with high blood pressure maintain balance and prevent falls.
  • Labyrinthitis – Coordinated eye movements can be regained with oculomotor therapy after an inner ear infection.
  • Problems with balance and walking – Oculomotor training paired with balance therapy improves mobility and walking.
  • Stroke – Oculomotor rehabilitation helps patients recover from visual deficits and imbalance post-stroke.
  • Traumatic brain injury – Oculomotor exercises rebuild visual processing and eye coordination after a traumatic brain injury.
  • Unnatural head movements – Controlled eye movements are restored with oculomotor training to normalize head positioning.
  • Vertigo – Targeted eye exercises retrain the visual system to help resolve vertigo symptoms.

We often recommend treatment techniques like balance therapy along with oculomotor exercises so we can retrain your eyes and brain together. By taking this two-pronged approach, you can reduce troubling symptoms like vertigo to improve your quality of life and your ability to perform daily tasks.

Oculomotor Exercises Therapy in Estero

What to Expect When You Visit Our Estero Office for Oculomotor Exercises Therapy

Your first visit to our office in Estero may take longer than your average appointment. During this intake exam, we will discuss your injury, symptoms, medical history, and the way these are affecting your life. We will also perform eye and vision exams that will help us diagnose you and come up with a treatment plan. This will include teaching you eye exercises you can do at home.

We may also combine your oculomotor exercises with other therapies to treat your injuries and symptoms at the source. These could include mechanical traction therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, gain training, and other types of chiropractic treatments. We will continue to adjust the treatments we prescribe until you recover your vision and live without dizziness.

You don’t have to live with debilitating symptoms that interfere with your ability to enjoy your favorite activities. To get started on your custom treatment plan in Estero, call the team at Naples Community Injury Center at (239) 631-5445 or contact us online.

Oculomotor Exercises We May Use as Part of Your Treatment in Estero

We would rarely prescribe oculomotor exercises therapy without combining it with other forms of physiotherapy treatments. Depending on the specifics of your injuries and symptoms and how you are responding to treatments, we may prescribe:

Eye Stretches

Gentle eye muscle stretches can relieve strain and spasms while improving mobility after traumatic injury or illness. These prepare the visual system for more advanced oculomotor training.

Convergence and Divergence

Convergence exercises reshape the ability to turn eyes inward, while divergence retrains outward eye turns to regain three-dimensional vision lost after injury. This is key for accurate judgment of distance.

Gaze Stabilization

Exercises targeting gaze stabilization rebuild the ability to fixate on objects while the head is moving to improve balance and coordination. This helps with symptoms of vertigo or dizziness after injury.

Saccades Exercises

Quick, jumping eye movements called saccades are retrained to allow efficient scanning of the environment to spot hazards and track moving objects. Saccades are impaired after neurological trauma.

Spatial Localization

Spatial localization tasks train the eyes and brain to accurately locate objects in space which is important for depth perception and avoiding hazards. Retraining this after injury prevents unsafe mobility.

Throughout your treatments, it’s important to communicate with your therapist so we can understand how you are feeling and responding to the oculomotor exercises. We can adjust your therapies as your recovery progresses and your needs evolve.

Call Us to Learn More About Oculomotor Exercises Therapy in Estero, Florida

Don’t spend another day living with vertigo, dizziness, and loss of balance when help is just a phone call away. At Naples Community Injury Center, our oculomotor exercises therapy in Estero can change your future by giving you exercises you can use to begin living your life free from the symptoms that have been hindering you.

We are accepting new patients, and we would love to create a treatment approach just for you. We are here to answer your questions about oculomotor exercises and schedule your first appointment. You can read our client testimonials to learn more about what you can expect when you come in for physical therapy or chiropractic treatments.

Call Naples Community Injury Center at (239) 631-5445 to get started. We are looking forward to meeting you and developing your personalized treatment plan.

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