When Dr. Jeffrey Peck first opened Naples Community Injury Center, he had one goal in mind: to help injured people get back to their lives. Since then, his practice has served countless people, using the latest physiotherapeutic and chiropractic techniques to promote wellness.

If you’re looking for treatment for an accident-related condition or a chronic illness, our team in Estero is ready to hear from you. To learn about scheduling an appointment, call (239) 631-5445.

Our Team Serving Estero Uses Chiropractic Adjustments and Physiotherapy

When you visit our office, we first examine and diagnose your condition. This informs your treatment plan, which we then curate to meet your needs. We utilize:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments focus on the affected area and work to promote the body’s healing from within. Your treatment plan may comprise:

  • Spinal manipulation. This is the chiropractic technique many people are used to seeing on TV and in popular media. Here, you lie on a cushioned bed in a certain position. Then, we deliver swift, painless thrusts to the targeted area. Your provider may do this manually or by using a specialized tool.
  • Reflexology. Healthline reports that people across many cultures have relied on reflexology for thousands of years. This practice focuses on the body’s pressure points and how they connect with each other. We may use reflexology in combination with medications, physical therapy, and other techniques.

Chiropractic adjustments are painless, non-invasive procedures that put your health first. While undergoing treatment, we monitor your condition and make improvements as necessary.


Physiotherapy refers to a group of techniques that aim to reduce pain and promote mobility. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Resistance training. We guide you through some exercises that build muscle and help you regain strength. Not only could this better your current injury, but it could also reduce the likelihood of reinjury in the future.
  • Massage therapy. Massages aren’t just for leisure; our team understands how to use the power of massage to heal scar tissue, reduce nerve pain, and enhance your range of motion.
  • Electrical stimulation (E-STIM). Here, we place small electrodes on your body, usually around the problem area. Then, we deliver painless electrical waves into the tissue. This reduces scar tissue and promotes circulation.
  • Gait training. Some patients come to us after suffering life-threatening health events, like strokes. Through gait training, these patients can mitigate pain, improve their balance, and increase their walking speed.

Our Chiropractic Team Serving Estero Aims to Better Your Life

To get the most out of your treatment regimen, we may recommend the following lifestyle changes:

  • Losing weight
  • Regularly exercising (if possible)
  • Taking certain medications
  • Limiting your physical activity
  • Taking time off work or school
  • Quitting smoking

Receiving treatment doesn’t stop when you leave our office. From the moment you connect with our team, we hope to start bettering your life immediately, both now and in the long term.

We Focus on These Injuries at Our Office Serving Estero

Our healthcare team treats:

Accident-Related Injuries

Many patients come to us after suffering injuries from injurious events. Our treatments and diagnostic procedures focus on:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Whiplash
  • Other soft-tissue injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Herniated discs

Musculoskeletal Conditions

You may feel symptoms from a condition that affects how your bones, joints, and muscles work together. Some conditions that we treat include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis

This isn’t a complete list of the injuries and conditions we treat at our office serving Estero. We encourage you to connect with our team, even if you don’t see your specific ailment listed above.

We’re More Than an Injury Center

Our team focuses on more than just our patients’ well-being; we know that many come to us in the aftermath of collisions, falls, and other negligence-related incidents. More often than not, these patients also want to file personal injury claims––but they need medical evidence.

This is where our team comes in. If you’re interested in pursuing a liability claim, we can furnish the following information to supplement your case:

  • Testimony from your attending healthcare team
  • Photos of your condition
  • Imaging scan results, such as x-rays and MRIs
  • The names of your prescribed medications

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Care Facility Serving Estero

Do you have questions about undergoing care at our facility? We’ve got answers. You may ask:

How Soon Can I Get an Appointment?

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules. When you connect with our team, we can share what times work best. We hope to meet with you as soon as possible.

How Soon Can I Recover From My Injuries?

The length of your recovery period depends on many factors, namely, your body’s response to treatment. Some patients heal from their conditions within a few weeks of starting treatment. Others routinely visit our clinic for years. We intend to do everything possible to help you reach maximum medical improvement.

Does Physiotherapy or Chiropractic Care Come With Any Side Effects?

While you might feel some tenderness after undergoing treatment, that’s pretty much the extent of the side effects you’ll experience. Many patients can return to their lives with little interruption after visiting our clinic. Yet, if you experience any side effects (such as nausea), we can address those symptoms.

Do You Prescribe Medications?

We may prescribe medications if we believe they could promote your recovery period and help with your pain. Yet, we don’t exclusively rely on these remedies. Instead, we focus on treatments that strengthen muscle, improve mobility, and promote coordination.

Call Naples Community Injury Center to Learn More

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