Estero Back Injury Treatment

We don’t realize how much we use our backs until we hurt them. Acute or chronic pain can change how we work, relax, and live in general. If you suffered a back injury in Estero, you don’t have to power through and hope that it’ll just get better with time. Take charge, and let the physicians at Naples Community Injury Center help you.

When you come in for your first visit, we can evaluate your condition and learn how it has affected your life. From there, we will form a customized back injury treatment plan that sets you up to feel great and live a pain-free life. Reach out to us at (239) 631-5445 to book your first appointment.

Back Injury Treatments We Offer to Patients in Estero, Florida

We strive to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. In doing so, we provide various back injury treatment options, such as:

Chiropractic Care

We typically use two types of chiropractic care when treating back injuries. They include:

  • Spinal manipulation: This technique realigns the vertebrae and aims to alleviate spasms, pain, and inflammation.
  • Reflex therapy: Also called reflexology, this method focuses on the connection between body parts. Here, the chiropractor uses pressure points in the hands and feet to alleviate pain.

Those who suffer from low back and neck pain can greatly benefit from spinal manipulation. According to Scientific Reports, a study found that patients who dealt with such injuries experienced significant pain relief after concluding treatment.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a holistic approach to healing your back injury. It aims to increase your range of motion, build strength, and promote a pain-free lifestyle. Common physical therapy techniques we use in back injury treatments include:

  • Muscle energy techniques (MET): If you have tight muscles or joint pain in your back, you may benefit from this treatment option. The therapist will position and hold the injured area while you contract your muscles. Then, you relax and stretch to help increase your range of motion. You then repeat this movement several more times.
  • Electrical stimulation (E-STIM): Your therapist will put electrodes on or around the injured area and pulse magnetic waves to help reduce pain.
  • Resistance training: Your therapist may construct an exercise regimen that aims to fight your back pain and strengthen your muscles. They’ll show you how to practice these exercises and suggest some that you can do at home.
  • Massage therapy: On top of relaxing your muscles, massage therapy helps heal scar tissue, increase mobility and flexibility, create more room between joints, and relieve nerve compression.

Patients with spinal cord injuries, in particular, can benefit from physical therapy.

Neurological Therapy and Rehabilitation

Neurological therapy and rehabilitation help those who suffered injuries to the nervous system, which comprises the spinal cord, brain, and peripheral nerves. Spinal cord injuries are typically irreversible, limiting mobility and decreasing sensation. To help you regain some form of independence, we may offer one of these treatments:

  • Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT): Practicing repetitive movements to strengthen the “bad” side without using the “good side”
  • Weight-supported treadmill training: Relearning to walk in a harness that lifts your weight off the ground

Pain Management

We may recommend you incorporate physical therapy with your medication regimen. Your physician can show you different exercises to perform and help facilitate your healing.

Common Ways Back Injuries Occur in Estero

No two back injuries are the same. We have clients coming to us with every kind of story you could think of regarding their injuries’ cause. Typically, they stem from:

  • Aging
  • Poor posture
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Traffic collisions
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Being overweight
  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated or bulged discs
  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)

It’s not uncommon for patients to complain about muscle spasms and strains, either. You don’t have to have a major injury to see us, as we want to help people with their pain, no matter how acute or chronic.

What Happens if You Suffered a Back Injury From a Car Accident in Estero, FL?

Back injuries are one of the most common injuries car accident victims sustain. If you were involved in such an incident, you could recover compensation via an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Yet, you need evidence to prove that you suffered injuries and deserve financial recovery. As your doctors, we can provide the following evidence to support your case:

  • A record of your appointments
  • The treatment regimen we prescribed for you
  • Any medications you’re taking
  • X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic test results
  • Your prognosis
  • Notes about your progress
  • Our expert medical testimony
  • Referrals to field specialists, like orthopedic surgeons

If you’re interested in enlisting legal representation to help you seek compensation, we can connect you with one of the personal injury law firms in our network. Through a successful injury claim, you could recover compensation for your necessary healthcare expenses.

What to Expect From the Estero Back Injury Treatment Process

During your first visit, you will sit down with your doctor and discuss your condition. They’ll ask you questions about when you first noticed the pain, how you think it started, if certain movements aggravate it, and how you’d rate the pain on a scale of one to 10. Based on your answers, the doctor might order some x-rays, MRIs, or other diagnostic tests to identify the source of your pain and craft your treatment plan.

From there, they’ll perform some chiropractic adjustments or other methods to provide some immediate relief. Should you come in for subsequent visits, they’ll render the chiropractic care, physical therapy, or a combination of the two to start your recovery. As treatment progresses, ideally, the pain could subside. In those cases, the doctor may begin to incorporate resistance training to build your muscles and help prevent further injury.

You could start feeling better pretty quickly, maybe better than you felt prior to your injury. However, don’t be discouraged if you experience flare-ups from time to time, as that’s a normal part of the healing process.

When You Reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

You reach maximum medical improvement once your physician deems that you’re in the best condition possible. They might choose to release you from their care. Alternatively, they could have you come once a month or every other month to maintain your progress. If you feel the back pain coming back, we want you to give us a call right away.

It’s important that you don’t stop treatment before you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. You could set back your recovery or risk undoing some of the progress you’ve made. If you’re filing a personal injury claim, going against your doctor’s orders could harm your case. As such, the insurance company might blame you for making your injuries worse and be less inclined to offer a fair settlement.

If you want to stop treatment before your expected end date, talk to your doctor, and work out how you want to proceed together.

We May Recommend Some Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

Receiving care from our team serving Estero is just one part of your treatment plan. We may also recommend these changes that could reduce your pain or prevent reinjury:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Reducing your alcohol and calorie intake
  • Limiting your physical activity
  • Taking time off school or work

We may also recommend using assistive devices (such as a wheelchair) to promote your recovery.

We Have Helped Patients Heal From Their Back Injuries

At Naples Community Injury Center, we want to help you make a strong comeback after suffering a back injury in Estero, Florida. Your health, happiness, and well-being are our priorities. Just take a look at what some of our past patients said about hiring our team:

  • “I loved going to this place for both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic! They are very personable, and know what they are doing. I went to them for 3 months after a car accident, immediately they went to work on my back and shoulders. By the time I had finished Therapy, they relieved the pain to such an extent I could function in every day life.” -Philip R.
  • “The team at NCIC were very friendly and professional, the environment was clean and the care my daughter and I received after our major accident was traumatic mentally and physically, NCIC were comforting and helped us heal and get through to a quick recovery. I would highly recommend them and if I ever need services they without a doubt will be my first choice!!! Thank you NCIC team, keep up the great work.” -Tara F.

Our physicians are ready to listen to your story, construct a treatment plan, and begin your road to recovery.

Our Doctors Want to Help You Heal After Suffering a Back Injury in Estero, Florida

Don’t let a back injury take over your life. Help is available. Reach out to Naples Community Injury Center today at (239) 631-5445 to set up your appointment. We want to know everything about your condition so we can build the Estero back injury treatment plan you need to live a healthy and happy life.