Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Naples

Motorcycle accidents can result in some of the most severe injuries of any vehicle accident due to the lack of protection offered while riding a motorcycle. Falling or being knocked off a motorcycle leads to direct contact with the ground road below, which can lead to an increased risk of injuries to the neck, back, head, spine, and limbs. The unfortunate truth is that when you are involved in a motorcycle accident, nearly every part of you is at risk of injury.

At Naples Community Injury Center, we provide many treatment options for those who have suffered motorcycle accident injuries in Naples. Our experienced staff of medical professionals has treated many motorcycle accident injuries, which has allowed us to practice different rehabilitation plans. We are equipped to handle injuries of differing severities, and we strive to create the plan that best suits your specific motorcycle accident injuries.

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Treatments We Offer Following Motorcycle Accidents

At Naples Community Injury Center, our team is equipped to treat injuries to many parts of the body. During your first visit, we will perform a thorough exam and take x-rays, then we will discuss treatment options with you. The plan that we create will be flexible and can be adjusted based on how your body is reacting.

The treatments that we offer fall under two categories:


Physiotherapy is designed to treat a variety of injuries by strengthening and increasing the mobility of the affected area. This treatment can be particularly useful for whiplash and soft tissue injuries that you sustain during your motorcycle accident.

We offer a wide range of treatments under physical therapy, including corrective care, massage therapy, rehabilitative therapy, stretching and strengthening, E-STIM, and ultrasound therapy. Each of these treatments is designed to target the affected area and reduce pain while increasing mobility and flexibility.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are used for injuries related to the spine, back, and lower and upper extremities. The types of adjustments that we offer include diversified adjustments, side posture, seated diversified, Thompson drop-table technique, knee-chest, manual extremities, toggle recoil, activator, and sacral-occipital technique.

Adjustments and physiotherapy have been proven successful at working together to heal injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents. While it may seem overwhelming to have so many options, our experienced team will review your injuries and discuss which treatments we think will be successful for you based on our past experiences.

Why Choose Naples Community Injury Center After Your Motorcycle Accident

The treatments that we offer would mean nothing without a caring staff that is both knowledgeable and experienced. Naples Community Injury Center features a team that boasts over 60 years of combined experience and specializes in a variety of medical treatments. Our staff includes medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, physician assistants, chiropractic physician assistants, and even a neurosurgeon.

Because of the diversity of our team, we can assist you with injuries that affect just about anywhere on the body. When you work with us, you know that you are receiving the rehabilitation that best fits your unique needs. We have a history of satisfied patients. Below you’ll find testimonials from just a few of them.

“I loved going to this place for both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic! They are very personable and know what they are doing. I went to them for 3 months after a car accident. Immediately they went to work on my back and shoulders. By the time I had finished Therapy, they relieved the pain to such an extent I could function in everyday life.” – Philip Rich

“Very professional and friendly staff who demonstrate genuine care and strive for effective and complete results. The therapists and chiropractors work well as a team and always communicated the course of care. I went for physical therapy, pre- and post-surgery, for a serious rotator cuff tear, and my time to full recovery was handled by NCIC efficiently and expertly. I highly recommend their services.” Jody Tenbrock

Motorcycle accident injuries in Naples, hurt motorcycle rider lying on road

Motorcycle Accident Facts

According to research acquired by the Motorcycle Legal Foundation, Florida has the second-most registered motorcycles in the United States, and in 2019, Florida experienced the most motorcycle accident deaths, with over 100 more than the state with the second most.

In a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2008, it was concluded that nearly 47% of injured riders suffered a lower extremity injury. This was followed by upper extremity injuries, head injuries, chest injuries, spine injuries, abdomen injuries, then finally face injuries.

With so many injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, there is a good chance that a wreck could result in trauma to multiple parts of the body.

According to the NHTSA, you are 28 times more likely to be killed in a motorcycle accident than any other type of motor vehicle accident. These statistics make it clear that traveling by motorcycle comes with an inherent risk. The best way to prevent life-altering or even fatal injuries is to follow appropriate safety guidelines and practice safe driving techniques.

Let Us Help You Recover From Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Naples!

While motorcycle accident injuries can be among the most deadly and damaging, many are treatable. With so many treatments available, there is no reason to deal with the pain of your injuries any longer than necessary. Having an experienced team that understands the effectiveness of certain treatments on injuries can make all the difference in a quick and healthy recovery.

At Naples Community Injury Center, your recovery is about so much more than just the treatment you receive. We care for each of our patients individually, and we strive to make you feel like a member of our family. Our team is not just committed to seeing you heal from your injuries, but committed to seeing you heal in a stress-free way.

When you are ready to seek treatment for your motorcycle accident injuries in Naples, call us today at 239-631-5445 or use our online contact form to schedule your first appointment.

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