Oculomotor Exercises and Rehabilitation Therapy in Naples

Our doctors prescribe oculomotor exercises and rehabilitation therapy in Naples. We use oculomotor and tracking exercises to address the dysfunction that causes dizziness, balance issues, and poor coordination. This could occur because of a brain injury, eye injury, or disease. We assess each patient individually to ensure we prescribe an effective, tailored set of exercises to help meet their unique needs.

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What Conditions Do You Treat With Oculomotor Exercises and Rehabilitative Therapy?

Oculomotor dysfunction occurs when the patient cannot move their eyes in a natural way. This can result in a host of other issues since our vision plays a role in many daily tasks. This goes far beyond reading, tracking movement, and navigating new and novel areas.

We constantly move our eyes to maintain balance, reduce dizziness, and move in a coordinated way. When the muscles that control the eyes do not work properly, it can cause symptoms like:

  • Unnatural and seemingly uncontrolled head movements
  • Poor depth perception
  • Headaches
  • Eye strain and fatigue
  • Issues with coordination and mobility

Oculomotor dysfunction often occurs alongside vestibular concerns. We often prescribe vestibular rehabilitation therapy and oculomotor exercises together. This allows us to address the patient’s dizziness and imbalance in two ways at once. We may need to use both approaches for those who live with a diagnosis of vertigo, labyrinthitis, traumatic brain injury, or stroke.

How Does Naples Oculomotor Exercise Therapy Address My Concerns?

Oculomotor Exercises and Rehabilitation Therapy in Naples

We rarely prescribe Naples oculomotor exercises therapy on its own. Instead, it is part of a plan to address the patient’s symptoms and needs through chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and other approaches. Our doctors offer cutting-edge treatments and therapies to give patients the best possible outcome in their cases.

When a patient comes to Naples Community Injury Center with balance issues and dizziness, we understand how deeply this can affect their daily life. Independent living, mobility, and their ability to work and earn a living might be in jeopardy.

We tailor a plan that uses specific therapeutic exercises to rehabilitate their vestibular and oculomotor responses. Generally, this treatment involves:

  • Learning specific exercises in the office
  • Completing the exercises daily at home
  • Getting reassessed at the office
  • Learning additional exercises or graduating from therapy

The exercises we prescribe for patients dealing with imbalance, dizziness, and loss of coordination include:

  • Oculomotor exercises to address eye movement control
  • Balance retraining and vestibular exercises
  • Stretching and strengthening with our physical therapists

Getting Help From the Naples Community Injury Center

Our doctors at Naples Community Injury Center prescribe a range of treatments and techniques for each patient, creating a unique plan to address their specific needs. We have the capabilities and knowledge necessary to develop an effective plan that allows for healing, rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

Our team members have more than 60 years of combined experience with patients who have concerns similar to yours. Our clinic staff includes:

  • Medical doctors
  • A neurosurgeon
  • Chiropractic physicians
  • Physician assistants (PAs)
  • Chiropractic physician assistants

We include oculomotor and vestibular exercises as a part of our physical therapy programs. Physiotherapy focuses on both treatment and preventing future injuries. We use physiotherapy techniques to help patients who come to us because of:

Once our patients begin treatment, our doctors constantly reassess their progress. This allows us to alter their care plan as needed to address complications, progress, and emerging needs. You can trust that you are getting the best care possible as you proceed through your treatment plan with your doctor.

When Do You Prescribe Oculomotor Exercises for Rehabilitation in Naples?

We begin our rehabilitation process with an intake examination. During this visit, you should plan to spend more time with us than usual. We will review your health history, learn about your injuries or concerns, and run tests. When necessary, we use medical imaging to ensure we understand the problem and make an accurate diagnosis.

Once we have a diagnosis, we formulate a treatment plan to address your concerns. This could include a wide range of exercises meant to strengthen and retrain your eye muscles, how the eyes move, and how they communicate this information to your brain. We also address related issues through therapies and techniques that help regain strength and rebuild balance.

Naples oculomotor exercises and rehabilitation therapy is effective at helping patients regain balance, reduce dizziness, and mitigate other related symptoms. Many people find it surprising the central role the eyes play in remaining upright when standing and moving. However, this treatment is often life-altering for those who have balance concerns due to the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Damage to the cranial nerve
  • Other issues that affect the brain or eye function

We may prescribe oculomotor exercises alongside vestibular dysfunction therapy for some patients. In the same way patients go home with “homework” to do their oculomotor exercises, they take home information about this therapy and how to continue their progress at home.

Our doctors monitor progress and will alter the treatment plan as balance increases. We may add strength and stretching exercises to build stability and confidence in their mobility and reduce the fear of falling after their balance improves considerably.

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