Infrared Light Therapy Rehabilitation in Naples

Some of the most common complaints that bring patients to our team include pain and inflammation from muscular injuries. One of the treatments we may prescribe to treat these symptoms is infrared light therapy rehabilitation. This pain-free, light-based method penetrates deep within the muscles to treat pain and reduce inflammation in various body parts.

To learn more about how infrared light therapy might help in your rehabilitation, contact us at Naples Community Injury Center today. We answer questions and schedule initial assessments over the phone when you call us at (239) 631-5445. We can also share success stories from some of our clients, explaining how light therapy has helped them.

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What Is Naples Infrared Light Therapy and How Does It Work?

During infrared light therapy, our physiotherapists use special wands that deliver strong infrared light to the injury site. By applying certain wavelengths in the affected area for specified times, the wand allows us to promote cell repair, reduce inflammation, and minimize or eliminate pain.

Infrared light penetrates the muscles and underlying structures better than most wavelengths. Unlike some types of light therapy, infrared light does not contain harmful rays that could cause damage to your skin.

Infrared therapy can reduce inflammation by penetrating through the skin to the muscles, improving circulation. With improved circulation, the area receives more oxygen and nutrients. This could also reduce pain and promote the healing of muscular injuries. Muscle tissue could recover faster from injuries and stress with the introduction of infrared light treatment.

We Use Naples Infrared Light Therapy as Part of a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Plan

Infrared Light Therapy Rehabilitation in Naples

At Naples Community Injury Center, we generally do not prescribe infrared light therapy as a standalone treatment. Instead, we use it in combination with other options to ensure our patients’ injuries and needs are addressed. Every patient receives a treatment plan that our doctors specifically tailor to suit their diagnosis and goals.

Depending on the complaint that brought a patient to our office, we prescribe several chiropractic care and/or physiotherapy techniques that help to address the underlying cause of their pain and inflammation. The methods we prescribe focus on treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of future injuries.

Once we address the underlying cause of your condition and provide relief through infrared therapy, massage, ultrasound therapy, medications, and other actions, we may begin rehabilitation. This involves rebuilding muscle mass, training for overall health and wellness, and lifestyle changes to prevent future injuries when necessary.

How Does Naples Community Injury Center Help Patients?

When a patient trusts the Naples Community Injury Center team with their treatment and rehabilitation, our focus is on helping them make a full recovery and improving their strength. Our team provides a wide range of therapies to manage symptoms and benefit your overall well-being.

As you can see from our testimonials, patients appreciate our caring staff, welcoming atmosphere, and effective treatment plans. Every patient receives a unique treatment plan tailored to their symptoms, needs, and goals.

Our interaction with every new patient begins with an initial intake examination. During this exam, we take a few steps to determine your needs. Our team may:

  • Ask for a comprehensive medical history
  • Learn about your current injuries and symptoms
  • Conduct physical exams
  • Request medical imaging, as needed

Following the initial assessment, we develop a treatment plan for you. In some cases, treatment could begin the same day. This depends greatly on the circumstances, your diagnosis, and whether we need to wait on certain test results.

As you continue to come to us for treatment, our team continually assesses your progress and needs. This allows us to alter the treatment plan to address new, emerging concerns and proceed with new therapies as you master previous ones. We will work toward continued progress and quickly identify any additional needs or complications.

Our trusted patient care team includes a neurologist, medical doctors, chiropractic doctors, physician assistants, and chiropractic assistants. We have the knowledge, experience, and technology to address your concerns and help you heal. With more than 60 years of combined experience, you can trust our team to offer a diagnosis, advice, guidance, and effective treatment for your condition.

What Symptoms Does Naples Infrared Light Rehabilitation Therapy Treat?

Our doctors prescribe Naples infrared light rehabilitation therapy for a number of health conditions and as a part of a holistic plan that addresses both your symptoms and underlying diagnosis. This could include muscle pain, joint stiffness, muscle spasms, and arthritis. We might use it to address injuries to the specific body part as well as nerve or neurological injuries that affect the area.

Infrared light therapy is often considered an alternative or complementary treatment. It could help other therapies be more effective while also helping to reduce your symptoms. It might be a good option for those hoping to reduce the use of painkillers or who cannot take anti-inflammatories.

Our doctors prescribe infrared light therapy to patients who suffered physical injuries in various ways. If you suffered injuries in one of the following accident types, we may recommend this course of treatment:

We might also use this treatment to address chronic pain, symptoms after a stroke, and other concerns that bring our patients to our Naples office. Our physiotherapists can also help patients with many other health concerns and injuries, such as traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, back injuries, chronic pain, and stiffness from arthritis.

Connect With Our Naples Team to Discuss Infrared Light Therapy Today

Naples Community Injury Center provides a wide range of therapeutic rehabilitation techniques and treatments. This includes infrared light therapy for pain, inflammation, and increased healing. We are now accepting new patients at our Naples, FL, clinic.

Contact us today by calling (239) 631-5445. Our staff can answer your questions and schedule your initial intake examination with our doctors.

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