Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Therapy in Naples

Physiotherapy can help patients recover more fully from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Consistently performing certain exercises and utilizing therapeutic techniques can help the brain recuperate after an accident. Our practitioners help to reinforce treatment from other physicians to promote physical and cognitive recovery.

At Naples Community Injury Center, our doctors prescribe physical therapy rehabilitation techniques to help patients reach their goals, including regaining abilities, mobility, and independence. We see patients with all types and severities of traumatic brain injuries. Contact us today at (239) 631-5445 to learn more.

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries range widely in severity. From relatively minor concussions to catastrophic injuries that require around-the-clock support, a traumatic brain injury can alter a person’s life in an instant. Treatment and recovery take time. Sometimes, it could take years to regain your previous abilities after an injury.

Some symptoms patients experience following a TBI include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Confusion and memory issues
  • Difficulty with coordination, mobility, and fine motor skills
  • Speech difficulty or loss of speech
  • Seizures
  • Poor concentration
  • Emotional and personality changes
  • Loss of consciousness, sometimes in a coma for an extended period

While many of these symptoms never occur or dissipate with time following a minor TBI, they may remain and continue to cause problems for those with serious brain injuries. These injuries could require hospitalization, and inpatient rehabilitation might follow. Outpatient rehabilitation therapy will likely include physiotherapy.

According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, coma patients who received physical therapy recovered “significantly better” than those who do not get this type of care during acute rehabilitation. Even if you did not suffer a coma, you may still benefit from this type of therapy.

How Naples Community Injury Center Handles TBI Rehabilitation Therapy

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Therapy in Naples

Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation at Naples Community Injury Center focuses on physiotherapy techniques. During the first months and years following a TBI, it is imperative for patients to get the care they need to ensure the recovery of their physical and cognitive abilities.

When you work with our team for physical therapy, we may be able to help you:

  • Improve your overall physical health and abilities
  • Handle more self-care activities independently
  • Treat your physical impairments related to your TBI
  • Address the social effects of your injury
  • Assess and adapt to changes in your condition
  • Deal with balance and vestibular concerns

Physical therapy might also help prevent many of the most common and dangerous complications that occur during TBI recovery, such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle weakening
  • Pressure sores
  • Blood clots from inactivity
  • Issues with breathing and pneumonia
  • Muscle spasms

Seeking TBI Therapy From the Naples Community Injury Center Team

The Naples Community Injury Center team provides a wide range of therapies to address traumatic brain injuries and help to rehabilitate our patients. Our doctors have more than 60 years of combined experience. The team includes:

  • Medical doctors
  • A neurosurgeon
  • Chiropractors
  • Physician assistants
  • Chiropractic physician assistants

We assess each patient’s unique needs during their initial intake examination. This could include medical imaging, discussing symptoms, and other necessary examinations and tests. In some cases, treatment may begin the same day.

Following this assessment, we will prescribe a plan to address the patient’s needs based on their current health and condition. We continue to reassess each patient and alter the plan as needed to ensure they are making progress toward their goals.

Our practitioners also prescribe other treatments to address any additional health concerns. This could include medications, chiropractic care, or massage therapy.

Prescribed Treatments for Naples TBI Therapy and Rehabilitation

The treatments you might receive as a part of your Naples TBI rehabilitation therapy will depend on your diagnosis and specific needs. Our doctors understand how much a brain injury can hinder your mobility, abilities, and independence. We also address concerns such as speech difficulties and balance issues.

Some of the treatments we might provide for a patient seeking Naples TBI rehabilitation include:

  • Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT): When a patient has limb strength of movement deficits, CIMT could allow them to strengthen the weak limb and relearn proper use. It forces them to use the injured limb by preventing the use of the uninjured one.
  • Weight-supported treadmill training: We use a special harness to bear some of the patient’s weight while we retrain their muscles and joints to move properly. This allows them to become mobile and focus on the movements without needing to maintain balance or fully bear weight.
  • Constraint-induced language therapy: We use this type of therapy to help patients struggling to voice sounds and relearn to communicate verbally. It can also aid in swallowing and other related neurological functions.
  • Oculomotor dysfunction and tracking exercises: We provide oculomotor therapies and address vestibular concerns for patients who have mobility and balance issues, struggle with coordination, or have limitations because of chronic dizziness.

We believe in providing physical therapies to help our patients heal and prevent further injuries and complications. We have physiotherapy specialists who know how to address brain injuries, including concussions and catastrophic brain injuries.

We Will Consider the Type of Accident You Suffered As We Build Your TBI Treatment Plan

We address a wide range of brain injuries, including those caused by someone else’s negligence. This could include:

We also prescribe treatment plans for those with traumatic brain injuries due to strokes, brain bleeds, and other medical issues.

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Naples Community Injury Center provides personalized, cutting-edge traumatic brain injury rehabilitation therapies. Our doctors and therapists help patients work to recover physical and cognitive abilities, mobility, and independence. We are accepting new patients now at our Naples office.

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