Naples Bursitis Treatment

If you are suffering from bursitis, you know just how painful it can be. It is a constant dull ache that leaves your life agonizingly unenjoyable. It can happen on any part of the body at any time in your life.

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa that occurs most frequently at sites where tendons and ligaments move over bone. It grips, pierces, and rubs over bony prominences on the outside of the knee, elbow, etc., causing pain – which can be very intense and often limits your activities.

Luckily, various treatment options can help relieve pain and restore functionality. Our Naples bursitis treatment doctors will prescribe treatments that suit your unique case and lifestyle. They often diagnose the cause and determine the severity to design the most appropriate treatment plan.

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Symptoms of Bursitis

If you’re having bursitis symptoms, don’t wait for them to go away on their own. Bursitis can sometimes lead to permanent damage if it’s not treated promptly and adequately. If your doctor suspects you have bursitis, they will help determine if there is any damage in the affected joint. Some of the symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Pain and tenderness over the affected joint
  • Swelling, especially around the outer edge of the joint
  • Redness in your skin around the joint
  • Tenderness when you press on the swollen area
  • Fever
  • General illness
  • Pain with movement

Naples Bursitis Treatment

What Causes Bursitis?

The causes of bursitis condition cause inflammation and irritation of the bursa – the fluid-filled sac located near a joint. Bursitis can be caused by one of the following:

Repeated Motion

Bursitis can occur when there is repeated motion that strains a joint. For example, if you work at a job where you place your arm in front of your body all day long, it may cause irritation to your bursa.

Muscle Overuse

Repeated overuse of a muscle or tendon can also cause bursitis. For example, if you play tennis every week and never rest enough between matches, it could cause inflammation in the tendons around your shoulder blade.

Previous Surgery

Previous surgery on the joint may also be responsible for bursitis because scar tissue forms after surgery, which can irritate surrounding tissues and cause swelling.

Trauma to a Joint or Surrounding Tissue

A direct blow to your arm or hand can cause trauma to the tissue around the joints, leading to inflammation and irritation in the bursa sacs near those joints.


Infection-causing bacteria can enter through an open wound on your skin, which leads to inflammation and irritation in the bursa sacs near the joints. Bursitis will affect different body areas depending on where the injury took place, these areas include:

  • Elbow
  • Achilles tendon/heel
  • Buttocks
  • Hip or thigh
  • Shoulder
  • Knee

Risk Factors

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Some people are more likely than others to develop bursitis. Risk factors include:


Bursitis can develop at any age, but it’s more common in older adults at risk for osteoarthritis (OA). OA occurs when cartilage wears away from joints over time due to wear and tear on the joint surfaces (cartilage) due to aging.

Medical Conditions

People with certain medical conditions have an increased chance of developing bursitis. Some examples include rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout. RA causes inflammation in your joints – particularly in your wrists, fingers, and toes – leading to pain and stiffness over time.


People who perform repetitive activities may develop this condition due to repeated pressure on the same area of their body. This includes athletes and manual laborers who repeatedly perform activities that require bending over or lifting heavy objects.

Naples Bursitis Treatment

Bursitis Treatment at Naples

Our Naples doctors provide several treatments for bursitis, including:

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care may help to reduce pain and inflammation associated with bursitis. Chiropractic adjustments help restore the joints’ normal alignment and decrease stress on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles around the affected area.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on improving range of motion and strength in the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles through exercises that don’t put any pressure on the injured area.

Pain Management

Bursitis can be treated with pain management techniques. Your doctor might also prescribe medications that reduce inflammation. The use of heat or cold packs on your affected joint can also help reduce swelling and pain.


Our physical therapists will help you regain strength and range of motion in your shoulder with exercises tailored to your specific needs. They may also recommend complementary therapies such as electrical stimulation or massage therapy.


The knee, for instance, is a joint that is full of nerves. If you have a bursa problem in your knee, it is important to make sure that you have ruled out possible neurological causes of your pain. Your doctor will carry out tests to determine other injuries associated with nerves.

Preventing Bursitis

If you are at risk of developing bursitis, there are things you can do to prevent it. They include:

Kneeling Pads

Kneel on a kneeling pad when gardening or working with your hands on the floor – this will help keep pressure off the knees to avoid inflammation.

Healthy Weight

Maintain an ideal body weight by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly to prevent excess stress on joints and surrounding tissues.

Frequent Breaks

Take regular breaks while doing repetitive tasks such as typing on a computer keyboard.


Light, regular exercise helps keep your muscles strong and flexible. It also increases blood flow to your joints, which helps reduce inflammation.

Lifting Properly

Never try to lift by twisting or bending at the waist – this can cause back pain as well as shoulder pain or bursitis in either shoulder joint. Get assistance when lifting heavy objects.

Warming Up

Before doing any strenuous exercise involving your arms or shoulders, warm up by doing arm circles or shoulder shrugs. This will help loosen up tight muscles before they’re put under pressure during the exercise.

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