Vestibular/Balance Therapy Rehabilitation in Naples

Our doctors prescribe vestibular/balance therapy rehabilitation in Naples. This type of rehabilitative therapy addresses dizziness, balance concerns, loss of mobility, and other issues with coordination. We often treat patients with vertigo or labyrinthitis, brain injuries, or stroke.

At Naples Community Injury Center, we understand how difficult it can be to live with balance and coordination concerns. You may struggle to manage everyday tasks and even get around without assistance. We can assess, diagnose, and treat many causes of balance concerns with physiotherapy. Contact us today at (239) 631-5445 to schedule your initial intake exam.

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Understanding Vestibular Dysfunction

Your vestibular labyrinth is a part of your inner ear that helps regulate balance. When you move or turn your head, this system reacts. It detects gravity and your movement within space, telling your brain what you need to do to remain upright. When this system is working properly, balance occurs automatically. You do not have to think about how to balance while walking or standing—it just happens.

Your vestibular system works with your brain and several other sensory systems to ensure your body moves in a coordinated, stable way. When there is a problem with any of these systems, you could experience dizziness, imbalance, and a loss of coordination.

Besides issues with your vestibular system, other problems that could cause these symptoms stem from:

  • Problems with your vision or oculomotor system, which includes several muscles that work together to control eye movement
  • Issues with sensation, since your body uses pressure to determine relation in space
  • Brain injuries or central nervous system dysfunction because the body must process the sensory inputs and react

How Naples Vestibular/Balance Therapy Treats Balance Concerns

Vestibular/Balance Therapy Rehabilitation in Naples

Balance and dizziness issues are common complaints from patients. Since we offer Naples vestibular/balance therapy, we often hear of the many ways balance dysfunction affects lives. This can include creating limitations for activities and mobility. Patients may suffer from occasional dizziness and a lack of coordination. Others may be unable to participate in activities or walk without assistance.

Some people come to us using canes, walkers, and other mobility devices because of their vestibular dysfunction. Even those who can get around on their own might struggle to manage certain daily tasks because of their symptoms.

When our doctors first see a new patient, we assess their condition, make a diagnosis, and tailor their rehabilitation therapy to address their unique needs. This could include exercises and therapies that address:

  • Strength rebuilding and stretching for added flexibility
  • Eye movement and control
  • Vestibular function therapy
  • Balance retraining

Generally, our therapists will teach the necessary exercises during your visit. Then, you will need to work on them at home. During your next visit, we will reassess your progress and tweak your plan as needed to ensure you continue to progress.

As you regain balance and coordination, rehabilitation will move toward strength-building and stretching to improve flexibility. This can build overall health and well-being, ensuring you leave treatment in better shape than before you suffered injuries or developed vestibular dysfunction.

Let the Naples Community Injury Center Team Help With Your Balance Concerns

The Naples Community Injury Center team consists of medical doctors, a neurosurgeon, chiropractic doctors, physical therapists, physician assistants, and chiropractic physician assistants. We work together to diagnose and treat patients with a wide range of concerns, including vestibular dysfunction and balance issues.

Our process begins with the initial intake exam. During this examination, our team will:

  • Get a comprehensive health history
  • Discuss your concerns and symptoms
  • Run diagnostic tests
  • Use medical imaging when necessary
  • Get a baseline for your health status

Sometimes, we begin treatment on the same day. We develop a plan to address your needs and continue to assess your progress as you undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

When you review our testimonials, you can see how many of our patients receive effective care from our team. They also appreciate our caring staff, welcoming environment, and state-of-the-art facilities. Our office offers the space, tools, and technology for patients to receive treatment, recover, and rebuild their health.

Our therapy and rehabilitation facilities address concerns related to many types of injuries and incidents. We have worked with patients who have suffered:

  • Brain injuries
  • Auto accidents
  • On-the-job injuries
  • Fall incidents
  • Strokes

When Our Doctors Prescribe Naples Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation Therapy

Naples vestibular/balance rehabilitation therapy is necessary for patients who have an increased fall risk, struggle with gait abnormalities, are living with dizziness, or have other balance concerns. Our doctors can evaluate your symptoms to determine if you need this type of therapy and what is causing your concerns.

We use one or a combination of the following therapies to help patients regain balance:

Vestibular Exercises

These movements retrain the vestibular system to understand the body’s movement and accurately determine what needs to happen to maintain balance.

Oculomotor Exercises

By rebuilding strength and coordination in the eye muscles, the body can better track stationary objects and understand its own movements within a space. This can also help retrain the brain to understand the signals sent by these muscles.

Physical Therapy Exercises

Physical therapy exercises could help your brain better understand signals sent from other parts of your body to help it determine what you need to do to stay balanced.

We often prescribe balance therapy alongside a comprehensive rehabilitation plan focused on physical therapy and complementary treatments. This is common with those who suffered brain injuries because of an accident or stroke. We also provide chiropractic care at our Naples facility.

Talk to Our Team About Vestibular Balance Therapy in Naples

Naples Community Injury Center can prescribe vestibular balance therapy as a part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan or as a stand-alone therapy. Let our doctors assess your condition and create a care plan that helps you regain your balance, coordination, and mobility.

Contact us today. Call (239) 631-5445 to reach a staff member who can provide you with the information you need and schedule your initial intake exam.

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