Estero Neck Injury Treatment

We don’t realize how much we use our necks until they’re hurt. After a while, the pain and tension can spread to the shoulders, arms, and head, making it difficult to work, drive, and participate in activities we enjoy. If you have a neck injury or pain, you don’t have to “power through.” Instead, get help from the team at Naples Community Injury Center.

During your first visit, we can assess your condition and create an Estero neck injury treatment plan that accounts for your recovery needs and goals. Start working with us when you dial (239) 631-5445.

Neck Injury Treatments We Offer Our Patients in Estero, FL

After examining and diagnosing your injury, we create a treatment plan that may comprise:

Spinal Manipulation

This technique is what most people think of when they hear the word “chiropractor.” Here, your physician will use their hands or a tool – whatever you feel more comfortable with – and exert short thrusts to your joints to straighten out your spine. According to the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics, patients with cervical disc herniation benefit from this manipulative therapy.

Researchers even concluded that patients should receive this care before undergoing more invasive treatments, like surgery.


Another form of chiropractic care, your physician might incorporate reflexology into your regimen. This practice is rooted in the idea that everything in the body is connected. With that, the doctor works to alleviate pain and tension through pressure points in the hands and feet.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is known for its relaxing effects. However, the benefits it provides can go much deeper. For example, it can improve blood circulation, relieve tension and nerve compression, better your flexibility and range of motion, and heal scar tissue.

Electrical Stimulation

Don’t let the word “electrical” scare you. This method is painless and requires zero downtime. How does it work? Your physician will hook up electrodes to the affected area and deliver electric pulses through the skin to alleviate the pain.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

The purpose of MET is to stretch your muscles and mobilize your joints. If your physician administers this care, here’s what you can expect:

  • They’ll place and hold your neck (or whatever body part) in a certain position and tell you to contract your muscles.
  • They’ll have you relax.
  • They’ll stretch out the affected area.
  • They’ll repeat the process.

If you ever feel discomfort or like this method is too much for you, make sure you communicate with your physician. We want you to feel at ease during your time with us.

Strength Training

Once you start feeling better, your physician may start incorporating different exercises to strengthen your muscles and enhance flexibility in your neck and shoulders. They might even show you exercises you can do at home. It’s important that you don’t push yourself too hard or do exercises that your physician hasn’t yet approved. Otherwise, you could set back your recovery, worsen your injury, or even trigger another one.

Patients Come to Us With All Kinds of Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can be debilitating, and we want to help you get past yours and come back stronger than ever. Common neck conditions we see include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Strained or sprained muscles
  • Bulged or herniated discs in the cervical spine
  • Pinched nerves
  • Neck fractures
  • Arthritis

You might not know exactly what your neck injury is, and that’s fine. When you come in for your first assessment, your physician may do a physical examination, conduct an X-ray, or order an MRI to further understand your condition.

Common Causes of Neck Injuries

According to Mayo Clinic, various events can lead to neck pain and injuries, such as:

  • Car accidents: Rear-end collisions, especially, are one of the leading causes of whiplash. This injury occurs when the neck snaps back and forth like the crack of a whip.
  • Strained muscles: Being hunched over a computer, tilting your neck downward to read, and overusing certain muscles can lead to pain.
  • Age: As we get older, our bones, joints, and muscles become worn out and strained, causing pain.
  • Disease: Arthritis and osteoporosis are painful conditions that can affect the neck.
  • Nerve compression: Bulged and herniated discs, as well as bone spurs, can put pressure on the nerves surrounding the cervical spine.

Mayo Clinic also notes that since the neck supports the head, it’s especially vulnerable to injury.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Neck Injuries

Although many things are out of your control, there are things you can do to protect yourself from suffering or worsening a neck injury. If you work a desk job, make sure you find a supportive chair that helps you maintain good posture.

Take breaks regularly to take some of the pressure off your spine and stretch out your neck. Alternatively, if your job requires you to lift heavy things, keep your back straight and bend at the knees rather than the waist when you pick something up.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle overall is the best way to maintain a strong neck. That means exercising, eating well, and refraining from smoking (and yes, that also means vaping). Otherwise, inflammation will build up in your body, putting you more at risk of getting hurt.

Common Questions About Estero Neck Injury Treatment

Since neck injuries are so common among our patients, we tend to get a lot of questions about the treatment process and how the injuries will affect their lives. We’ve compiled a list of questions that you might also have. You may ask:

How Should I Prepare for My First Appointment?

When you come to our office for the first time, we recommend you:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Clothes that are too tight could restrict your movements and keep your physician from conducting a full examination.
  • Eat a light meal. We don’t want you to be starving and focusing on that while we’re trying to understand your condition. Alternatively, you might want to refrain from eating a heavy meal beforehand so you can move comfortably. A light meal can help ensure you’re satiated while also in a state where you move freely.
  • Bring your medical records. If you saw a doctor about your neck pain and have imaging scans, a list of medications, or any other relevant documentation, it could really help us when crafting and streamlining your treatment plan.

What Is the First Appointment Like?

When you arrive for your appointment, your physician will ask you a series of questions regarding:

  • When your neck pain started
  • If an event caused it or it grew over time
  • If you have any pain triggers
  • The type of treatment you’ve already received, if any

From here, your doctor may physically examine you to identify any noticeable strengths, weaknesses, or limitations you have.

What Are the Typical Signs of a Neck Injury?

You might have a neck injury if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • A stabbing, burning neck pain
  • A shooting pain that travels from the neck to the shoulders and arms
  • Stiffness, especially in the shoulders and upper back
  • Pins and needles feeling in the arms
  • Not being able to turn your neck or head
  • Muscle spasms and tension

According to Cleveland Clinic, about 10 to 20 percent of adults suffer from neck pain, with women being more at risk.

Testimonials About Our Work Here at Naples Community Injury Center

Our goal for all of our patients is to help them live pain-free life. Some of them have shared their experiences with us. Take a look at their testimonials:

  • “NCIC is amazing! The staff is beyond exceptional and understanding. Doctor Nieves knows exactly what he’s doing and aside from a good personality he listens to an individuals and needs and makes sure the needs are met. The staff at the front office has been great with time management as we work 8:30-4 every weekday so accommodating us has never been an issue.” – Mo R.
  • “My experience was incredible. From the receptionist to the treatment service is first class. Dr. Oscar Nieves is an excellent professional with great medical skills and knowledge, but above all a great human being with great empathy and commitment to the needs of his patients. He is incredibly humble and compassionate and does everything on his power to find the cause that bring us to his office and offers the appropriate treatment so that we can return to normalcy…” – Inez P.

We hope that you feel the same about your time with us if you choose to sign on with our team.

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