Cervical Traction Adjustments in Estero

Cervical traction adjustments and rehabilitation effectively treat several types of neck injuries. If you recently suffered an injury or struggle with a chronic condition, Naples Community Injury Center can prescribe therapies and techniques to manage discomfort and other symptoms. You do not have to live in pain.

Let our practitioners assess your symptoms, diagnose their underlying cause, and help you navigate the road to recovery. We offer cervical traction adjustments in Estero, alongside chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy. We want to help you return to the activities you enjoy. Contact us today at (239) 631-5445 to explore treatment options.

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What Are Estero, FL, Cervical Traction Adjustments?

Cervical Traction Adjustments in Estero

Cervical traction is a type of chiropractic adjustment our doctors prescribe and perform for a range of symptoms related to the neck and upper back. Cervical traction pulls the head using specific techniques, creating space between the vertebrae in the neck. This eliminates any compression of nerve roots that cause pain and disability.

Like other chiropractic adjustments, cervical traction is non-invasive. It offers both short-term relief and helps to treat the underlying issue. For many people, it is an effective alternative to surgery or taking painkillers to manage debilitating symptoms.

There are several ways a practitioner can perform cervical traction. Your chiropractor will explain the adjustment before it is performed. In manual cervical traction, we will hold your head and gently pull it away from your neck, applying slight force with our hands. Some conditions may require traction using a harness or another tool or device.

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor questions about this adjustment at any time during your treatment. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout our partnership.

What to Expect During Estero Cervical Traction Rehabilitation With Our Team

When a patient comes to our office serving Estero, we assess their condition and prescribe a personalized plan to address their concerns. This could include cervical traction adjustments as part of a comprehensive plan, including chiropractic care and physiotherapy. With these plans, our doctors aim to manage symptoms, treat their cause, and prevent re-injury.

We begin treatment with an initial intake examination. This is when we learn as much about the new patient as possible. We conduct X-rays and other medical imaging scans, take a health history, and complete a physical exam. Then, our team diagnoses their condition and identifies any contraindications for treatment and rehabilitation.

Adjustments and therapies often begin the same day. As they move through their program with each visit, we continue to assess their progress and alter their treatment plan as necessary. By monitoring each patient closely, we can often address any inflammation or soreness before it becomes debilitating. We can also ensure they continue making progress toward their goals.

Our Estero Cervical Traction Adjustments Address Many Types of Injuries

Our Naples Community Injury Center doctors have more than 60 years of combined experience managing patients’ injuries and rehabilitation. We know how and when to use a wide range of chiropractic adjustments for relief care and corrective care.

After an accident or injury, we can help manage your symptoms and treat their underlying cause. We know how difficult it can be to move forward with your life while living with acute injuries or nagging pain and limited activities. You do not have to go through this on your own.

We have experience with many types of accidents and injuries. These include:

  • On-the-job injuries
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Motorcycle accident injuries
  • Bicycle accident injuries
  • Sports and recreation injuries
  • Boat and pool injuries

If your injuries occurred at work or because of someone else’s negligence, you may be pursuing compensation to pay for your care. Our practitioners understand how challenging this can be. We provide documentation of injuries, treatment plans, and other paperwork to ensure you have the strongest case possible.

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Prescribed Treatments as a Part of Estero Cervical Traction Rehabilitation

Our team performs cervical traction adjustments at our Estero, FL, clinic as a part of a full schedule of rehabilitation therapies. These plans help us address patients’ unique symptoms and conditions. Such issues could include acute or chronic neck injuries, herniated discs, sprains and strains, and pinched nerves.

In addition to cervical traction, these treatment plans also include other therapies to address symptoms and relieve pain. This could include complementary therapies such as massage, ultrasound therapy, muscle energy techniques (MET), and more.

Finally, every comprehensive treatment plan includes rehabilitation. We prescribe a regimen of physical therapy to help our clients rebuild muscle mass, increase strength, and regain range of motion. Then, we go beyond their baseline and help them leave our care stronger and healthier than they were before their injuries occurred.

We Carefully Analyze a Patient’s Condition Before Prescribing Cervical Traction

There are several contraindications for cervical traction adjustments. Our chiropractors know what to look for and know when to avoid this type of therapy. We may implement other treatment measures for:

  • Recent cervical spine fractures
  • Unstable facet joint dislocations
  • Previous surgery to the affected area, especially using screws or plates
  • Nearby tumors
  • Bone infections
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Concerns about the vertebral or carotid arteries
  • Hypermobility in the spine

If cervical traction isn’t right for you, our doctors can prescribe therapies that are better suited to your condition. We can develop effective treatment or rehabilitation plans for many patients who come to us with concerns about their neck or back, pain, stiffness, or other symptoms.

Call Naples Community Injury Center for Your Initial Intake Exam in Estero

Naples Community Injury Center provides cervical traction adjustments at our Estero, FL, office. Our chiropractors can develop a comprehensive plan that’s tailored to your needs. If you want to learn more about cervical traction adjustments in Estero, reach out today. We can help manage your pain and treat its cause.

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