Naples Vertigo Treatment

Our team provides Naples vertigo treatment. If you have vertigo symptoms or already have a diagnosis but are searching for an effective treatment, our team stands ready to better your condition. Our healthcare providers offer vestibular rehabilitation training (VRT), oculomotor therapy, and balance training to address your underlying issues and help you recover.

Contact Naples Community Injury Center to learn more about our Naples physiotherapy and rehabilitation options for vertigo treatment. Dial (239) 631-5445 to ask questions or to schedule your initial intake examination with our team.

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What Is Vertigo, and What Causes Its Symptoms?

Vertigo is not an illness or injury. Instead, it is a symptom of many medical conditions. Most people describe vertigo as feeling like they are spinning when they aren’t. The dizziness can make walking or managing daily activities difficult for some people.

The most common cause of vertigo is a problem with the vestibular labyrinth, a part of the inner ear that helps maintain balance. However, vertigo can also occur because of a stroke, brain tumor, traumatic brain injury, or another condition.

Treatments for vertigo depend on the cause. They could include medications, surgery, or physiotherapy techniques to address the underlying cause. Our Naples team diagnoses and treats vertigo using non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical therapies. We also address a wide range of symptoms that can occur alongside dizzy spells.

Symptoms of vertigo include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Difficulty with mobility and balance issues
  • Hearing loss, tinnitus, and/or a feeling the ear is blocked
  • Severe headaches
  • Motion sickness
  • Nystagmus

There are two types of vertigo. Most patients we see have peripheral vertigo. It generally involves the vestibular system. It is by far the most common type. However, we also treat central vertigo. This type of vertigo occurs when the brain does not interpret signals sent from elsewhere in the body properly. It is often much worse and generally occurs because of a stroke, serious infection, or brain injury.

Naples Vertigo Treatment

Our Healthcare Team Provides Naples Vertigo Rehabilitation Therapies

Our doctors prescribe rehabilitation plans, and our therapists provide physiotherapy to help reduce vertigo symptoms. Many of our patients experience a complete recovery from their vertigo and never experience additional symptoms.

Often, patients call us for VRT, which is one of the most effective treatments for vertigo. VRT relies on patients completing a series of physiotherapy exercises to address issues with the vestibular labyrinth.

We Curate Your Treatment Plan Based on Your Needs

Every patient begins their relationship with our Naples team during a new patient assessment. During this intake exam, our team:

  • Conducts a health history
  • Runs tests and medical imaging scans as needed
  • Assesses your condition
  • Diagnoses the cause of your vertigo
  • Develops an individualized rehabilitation therapy plan

Some of the prescribed exercises in these plans could include:

  • Strength rebuilding and stretching
  • Eye movement and control therapy
  • VRT
  • Balance retraining

Our team continues to assess patients as they undergo treatment and make progress. This allows us to adjust their care plan and change the prescribed exercises to ensure continued improvement.

Get Help With Your Vertigo Symptoms From Our Naples Team

The Naples Community Injury Center team has more than 60 years of combined experience managing conditions such as vertigo for our patients. We can help you reduce or eliminate symptoms, rebuild strength, and prevent future occurrences.

If you suffered injuries and developed vertigo as a result, we can help you get the necessary treatment. We help people in the aftermath of suffering:

While vertigo is sometimes tied to an injury, it can also occur because of an illness or with no obvious reason. We know how to determine the direct cause and prescribe a treatment plan to help. We provide both targeted therapies and comprehensive rehabilitation programs to help patients recover.

What Treatments Do You Prescribe as a Part of Naples Vertigo Rehabilitation?

Our care plans for Naples vertigo treatment depend greatly on the patient’s individual needs. We determine the contributing factors to their vertigo and address them directly. This generally includes one or more of the following therapies:

Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular therapy consists of specific movements meant to help the vestibular system recognize how the body is moving, its position, and how to maintain that position. This is key to balance and remaining upright.

Oculomotor Therapy

Certain eye muscles play an important role in tracking how the body moves within spaces, including avoiding objects and running into things. When these muscles do not work properly, it can cause vertigo, imbalance, and other symptoms. We use oculomotor exercises to rebuild strength and coordination in these muscles.

We can also prescribe exercises that work to retrain the brain to interpret the information from the eyes as a part of this process. This is a common problem following brain injuries, concussions, and strokes.

Physical Therapy

While physical therapy can directly address balance issues and vertigo, we also prescribe it for patients without this concern.

We believe physiotherapy and strength-building are important parts of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for patients with vertigo that has caused balance and coordination issues. Building strength and increasing flexibility is never a bad thing, and it can help patients prevent future injuries.

In addition to physical therapy and targeted therapies, we can prescribe complementary therapies and chiropractic care to address pain, inflammation, a limited range of motion, and other concerns.

Call Naples Community Injury Center for Your Initial Vertigo Treatment Exam

Naples Community Injury Center is here to help if you have vertigo symptoms and are seeking an effective treatment. We are accepting new patients. Call us with questions or if you are ready to schedule your initial intake exam. We often begin treatment with your first appointment.

Call (239) 631-5445 to get started.

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