Naples Corrective Care Therapy

Most people visit a chiropractor to relieve pain. While our chiropractors provide pain relief, we also offer Naples corrective care therapy. Instead of focusing only on immediate symptom relief, we identify the cause of your pain and address them. This not only stops the symptoms but addresses the underlying cause and reduces the risk they recur in the future.

At the Naples Community Injury Center, our practitioners want to help patients live full, healthy lives. We create individualized care plans to address their needs, reach for their goals, and help them leave our care stronger than they were before their injury or illness.

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What Is Corrective Care Therapy?

Corrective care is an approach to chiropractic care that focuses on identifying and treating the underlying cause of pain and disability using both chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy techniques. The aim of corrective chiropractic care is to stop current pain and discomfort and prevent it in the future. It improves the patient’s overall health, well-being, and quality of life.

At the core of chiropractic care is the belief that misalignments in the spine and other parts of the body can cause pain, inflammation, limited range of motion, injuries, and other concerns. By identifying the misalignment and restoring the proper spinal alignment through the use of chiropractic techniques and physical therapy, chiropractic doctors can improve health and eliminate symptoms. Adding strength rebuilding and rehabilitation to this process can help prevent future injuries, too.

Some of the symptoms we help our patients overcome with corrective chiropractic care include:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Limited activities because of pain and stiffness


Naples Corrective Care Therapy

Our Doctors Prescribe Naples Corrective Care Rehabilitation

At Naples Community Injury Center, our team does not just want to provide relief care. While we do provide non-invasive, non-medication options for immediate pain relief and provide relief care adjustments, we also want to help you heal and prevent future re-injury.

While relief care addresses your immediate pain, our team always includes corrective chiropractic as a part of your care plan. We believe this is the key to your treatment since it addresses the underlying structural and alignment issues that cause your chronic pain and debilitation.

Our rehabilitation process begins with your initial intake exam. We use what we learn to create a comprehensive care plan that includes not only chiropractic care but also physiotherapy. This could include stretching, strength-building, and specific exercises to address your needs. Our goal is to ensure you never need to call us because of emergent back pain again.

Get Help From Our Naples Chiropractic Care Team

Our Naples Community Injury Center team works to help patients manage their symptoms, heal injuries, rehabilitate, and prevent recurrences and future injuries. We have more than 60 years of combined experience and provide some of the area’s top-rated chiropractic care.

Our team—medical doctors, a neurosurgeon, chiropractic physicians, physician assistants, and chiropractic physician assistants—understand you need relief. We provide relief care and address your symptoms with complementary therapies while formulating a plan to correct the problem for good.

We can use corrective chiropractic care to address your symptoms and injuries following:

Our team believes in supporting patients in living healthy, strong lives. We provide advice about how you can continue to build strength and increase your well-being even after you complete your rehabilitation with our therapists and doctors.

How Naples Corrective Care Rehabilitation Works

When you come to our Naples location for corrective chiropractic care, you can expect to meet a team of practitioners who work together to provide the innovative, non-invasive, effective care you need. The rehabilitation process proceeds like this:

Initial Intake Exam

We meet every new patient during their initial consultation. This appointment is where we learn about your symptoms, take a health history, and discuss your needs. We will likely begin treatment the same day if you are coming to us because of pain.

Medical Imaging

During our initial intake exams, we use medical imaging, usually X-rays, to understand the cause of your pain and other symptoms. X-rays often reveal spinal misalignment, injuries, and other structural issues that can cause pain and disability.

Developing Your Care Plan

Once we understand the problem, we prescribe chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy techniques to address both your immediate pain and the underlying cause.


While you will learn exercises and stretches in our office and do them with your therapist, they require repetition, even on days when you do not have an appointment with us. Expect to go home with all the information you need to complete safe and appropriate corrective exercises, make key nutritional changes as necessary, and modify your daily activities to prevent injuries while you heal.

Ongoing Reassessment

Throughout treatment and rehabilitation, we continue to assess the patient and monitor their progress. Progress is not always on an upward trajectory, so we sometimes need to alter their treatment plans in unexpected ways or add complementary therapies to reduce pain and inflammation along the way.

Rehabilitation and Strength Building

Once we correct the misalignment through chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy techniques, we prescribe exercise therapy to help the patient rebuild strength and flexibility. This often includes resistance training, stretches, and more. This allows our patients to leave our care stronger than they were before their injuries, with less of a chance of suffering future injuries, too.

Call the Naples Community Injury Center About Corrective Care Therapy

Naples Community Injury Center is accepting new patients in our corrective care rehabilitation program. Our corrective therapy can address the underlying cause of your immediate pain and recurrent issues with your back or neck. Call us when you have pain, and let it be the last time.

Contact us today. Use our online contact form or call (239) 631-5445 to schedule your initial intake exam. Many patients begin chiropractic treatment on the same day.