Chiropractic Care for Tendonitis in Marco Island

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for tendonitis in many areas of the body. Our Marco Island team provides a wide range of chiropractic and physiotherapy services for patients who report symptoms of tendonitis that impede their quality of life.

When you receive Marco Island chiropractic care from Naples Community Injury Center, you can count on your doctor to identify and address the root cause of your injury. We aim to ensure our patients leave our care stronger than they were before their injuries occurred.

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Understanding Tendonitis and How Marco Island Chiropractic Care Can Help

When a person suffers from tennis elbow, runner’s knee, golfer’s elbow, or trigger finger, they have tendonitis. This condition is often described by the area of the body it affects or the person who often experiences it. Of course, you can develop tennis elbow without ever setting foot on the court.

Tendons attach muscles to bones throughout your body. They are a key part of how every joint in your body functions, and a problem with them can cause pain, a limited range of motion, and other symptoms. Tendonitis occurs when a tendon becomes inflamed.

Some tendons are much more likely to develop tendonitis than others. This can occur because of repetitive motions, overuse, or an acute joint injury. Symptoms can linger for weeks, even with rest. Utilizing certain chiropractic techniques can help address these soft-tissue injuries, and physiotherapy can rehabilitate the joint.

Chiropractic Care for Tendonitis in Marco Island

How Our Marco Island Doctors Use Chiropractic Care for Tendonitis

Our doctors assess each patient individually and determine the best approach to treating their unique symptoms and underlying injury. When the patient has tendonitis, our personalized treatment plans generally include both chiropractic care and physiotherapy.

By utilizing certain techniques, we may be able to address symptoms such as:

  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Stiffness when moving the joint
  • Pain when in use
  • Burning, tingling, or other feelings of discomfort
  • A limited range of motion

At Naples Community Injury Center, we want to treat the cause of these symptoms instead of simply reducing their effect on your daily life. We believe this is the only safe and comfortable way to return to work or other activities.

Many people come to us only after another doctor has prescribed cortisone injections and anti-inflammatories, which do nothing to address the cause of the symptoms. They do not heal the injury or strengthen the joint. Our prescribed treatments take a holistic approach.

We not only want to alleviate your pain but also rehabilitate you and prevent future re-injury. This is possible by prescribing a full range of chiropractic and physiotherapy services that help you heal. Today, you can reach out to our team and learn about what to expect at your first appointment. Call (239) 631-5445 to begin.

Get Help With Tendonitis From Our Marco Island Chiropractic Team

Our healthcare team has helped many patients heal from their tendonitis and return to work or their favorite activities pain-free. With more than 60 years of combined experience managing cases like yours, you can count on us.

We see patients with overuse injuries, work-related injuries, and acute injuries from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and falls. We can even provide the necessary documentation and paperwork for your personal injury claim, workers’ compensation case, or other legal matter.

When you come to our team for help with your tendonitis symptoms, you can trust our doctors and therapists to have your best interests in mind. We will assess and reassess your progress as time passes and you recover from your injuries. This ensures we continue to keep working toward your goals and do not overlook any issues. Your personalized treatment plan will adapt to your healing and rehabilitation.

Prescribed Chiropractic Treatments for Tendonitis on Marco Island

When you first meet with one of our doctors during your intake examination, we will take a complete health history, discuss your symptoms, assess your current status, and use medical imaging scans to determine a course of action. While the specific techniques prescribed will differ based on your diagnosis and needs, your treatment plan will likely include:

Chiropractic Manipulation and Care

The type of chiropractic care we prescribe will depend greatly on where your tendonitis occurs and the symptoms you experience. Those with inflammation in their neck, back, or hips might benefit from spinal manipulation or mobilization. Extremity manipulation is often prescribed for tendonitis that affects the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, or ankle.

Corrective Care Therapy

Corrective care therapy addresses the root cause of your symptoms, including any flare-ups or other additional symptoms that might occur as your therapy progresses. This is not unusual for those recovering from tendonitis, so our doctors are ready to prescribe additional adjustments to relieve any new inflammation and pain that occurs.


At Naples Community Injury Center, we consider physical therapy a key component of treating almost any injury. We prescribe strength and stretching exercises to patients with tendonitis to help them regain strength, prevent future injuries to the affected joint, and learn the best ways to prevent overuse and repetitive stress injuries.

Complementary Therapies

In addition to providing healing and rehabilitative care, we prescribe complementary therapies to encourage healing, manage pain, and reduce the inflammation present. Most of these treatments improve circulation to the area, allowing the tendon to receive blood rich in oxygen and nutrients. These treatments could include:

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