Marco Island Bursitis Treatment

The dull ache of bursitis can cause intense pain and swelling, totally impeding your quality of life. This condition occurs when the bursa, which is located between tissues to help reduce friction, becomes inflamed and leads to discomfort. Sometimes, all it takes is rest, alternating ice and heat, and over-the-counter medication to alleviate the pain and heal the bursitis. In other cases, more serious intervention is necessary.

If you live in Marco Island, our physicians at Naples Community Injury Center can evaluate your condition and design a bursitis treatment plan that sets you up to feel better than ever. Contact us today at (239) 631-5445 to schedule an appointment.

Bursitis Treatment We Provide Our Patients in Marco Island

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We offer a variety of treatments to offer patients suffering from bursitis, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustments: Our doctor will manipulate the affected joints and force them back into alignment to help relieve stress on the ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles.
  • Physical therapy: We can teach you different exercises to help you strengthen the affected joints and muscles, as well as increase your flexibility and range of motion. Our doctors will ensure these exercises don’t aggravate your bursitis.
  • Pain management: We might prescribe you medications to help keep your pain under control, especially if the bursitis is a result of an infection.
  • Rehabilitation: On top of teaching you muscle-building exercises, we may administer massage therapy to relieve muscle and nerve compression, heal scar tissue, and create space between the joints, as well as ultrasound therapy to send sound waves that aim to relieve pain in the affected area.
  • Neurology: Should your bursitis occur in your knee, we must rule out if it’s because of a neurological issue, as your knee comprises bundles of nerves. We can run tests to see what the root cause of your knee bursitis is and pursue treatment accordingly.

When our physicians construct your Marco Island bursitis treatment regimen, we may carry out a physical examination, have you undergo different imaging scans, and review all of your medical records and history. This way, it will be personalized and target your unique needs and goals.

Questions We May Ask You Before We Begin Your Bursitis Treatment

During your first appointment with us, we may ask you a series of questions to help us get more insight into your condition.

  • Where do you feel pain?
  • Is the pain constant, or does it come in waves?
  • When did you start feeling this pain?
  • Rate the pain on a scale of one to 10.
  • Do you have any triggers? If so, what are they?
  • What have you done in terms of pain relief? What has worked and what hasn’t?
  • Do the tasks at your job contribute to your pain?

This is also your time to tell us what you’re comfortable and uncomfortable with in terms of treatment. For example, if you had a bad experience with physical therapy, please tell us. That way, we can come up with a gentler approach that makes you feel more at ease.

What Is Bursitis?

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According to Mayo Clinic, bursitis is when the small, fluid-filled sacs that cushion the muscles, tendons, and bones around your joints become inflamed. This condition usually occurs in the shoulder, knee, elbow, hip, the back of the heel, and the base of the big toe.

You may have bursitis if you’re experiencing these symptoms:

  • Swelling in the affected joint
  • Achiness and stiffness in the affected joint
  • The affected joint is tender to touch

It’s time to book an appointment and come to our office if the pain turns debilitating, you can’t move the affected joint, or you develop a fever.

Common Causes of Bursitis

The Cleveland Clinic affirms that repetitive motions and putting pressure on the joints may lead to bursitis, especially if you’re engaging in activities such as:

  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Kneeling
  • Carpentry
  • Poor posture
  • Playing an instrument
  • Playing certain sports, like tennis, basketball, and golf
  • Raking
  • Scrubbing

Basically, athletes, musicians, and those who have manual labor jobs are most at risk of developing bursitis. However, aging and conditions like arthritis, gout, thyroid disease, and diabetes could also boost your chances of suffering from it.

Prevention Is Key

Of course, sometimes developing bursitis is out of our control, but there are a few things you can do to help prevent it or slow its development. For example:

  • Practicing good posture with your back straight, shoulders back, and both feet flat on the floor
  • Learning how to play sports and lift heavy with proper form
  • Using cushions or knee pads when you have to kneel for an extended period of time
  • Taking frequent breaks or alternating tasks if you’re doing repetitive movements
  • Exercising to build strength and prevent re-injury
  • Maintaining a healthy weight so there’s limited stress on the joints
  • Warming up and/or stretching before you do any strenuous activities

Our doctors can give you more tips about preventing developing bursitis or getting it again when you visit us.

Our Patients Have Left Rave Reviews About Their Experience With Us

No one can attest to our commitment and care for our patients like they can. Check out some of their reviews.

“My experience was incredible. From the receptionist to the treatment service is first class. Dr. Oscar Nieves is an excellent professional with great medical skills and knowledge, but above all a great human being with great empathy and commitment to the needs of his patients” – Ines P.

Very professional and friendly staff who demonstrate genuine care and strive for effective and complete results. The therapists and chiropractors work well as a team and always communicated the course of care… I highly recommend their services.” – Jody T.

Like with these patients, our team wants to hear your story so we can help you feel your best.

Start Your Bursitis Treatment With Our Team Today

Naples Community Injury Center prescribes customized treatments to our Marco Island patients with bursitis. Let’s see what works for you when you come in for your first appointment. Call us today at (239) 631-5445.

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