What Are the Symptoms of a Misaligned Spine?

Some of the symptoms of a misaligned spine include back pain, headaches, excessive fatigue, and other concerns. You may also experience muscle spasms, poor posture, limited range of motion, and soreness if your spine is out of alignment.

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Identifying Misaligned Spine Symptoms

Symptoms of a Misaligned Spine

Generally, spinal misalignments are not acute injuries. Instead, they occur over time, and the symptoms may begin gradually. When someone suffers from spinal misalignment, they could experience long-term discomfort, pain, fatigue, and numerous other issues before they receive a diagnosis and treatment.

Spinal misalignment causes problems in other areas of the body beyond the spine. Symptoms can affect almost any area of the body. Some common symptoms of spinal misalignment include:

  • A sore, stiff neck and back, often including chronic lower back pain and limited range of motion
  • Fatigue, as your body must fight poor spinal alignment to function properly
  • Headaches due to the tension on your neck, shoulders, and upper back caused by a misaligned cervical spine
  • Muscle spasms and tightness in the neck or back
  • Joint pain in the hips and knees, where the misalignment causes other imbalances
  • Neuropathy, including numbness, tingling, and altered sensations in the extremities and other affected areas of the body
  • Poor posture or a neck that naturally seems to lean forward or backward, indicative of a cervical spine misalignment

A misaligned spine can also affect your quality of life. The symptoms of spine misalignment may cause you to be uncomfortable for long periods of time, impacting your confidence and overall well-being. We can offer treatments to get your spine back into the proper position.

Causes of a Misaligned Spine That May Benefit From Chiropractic Treatment

Some circumstances and diagnoses make it more likely for someone to experience a misaligned spine. Any of the following could cause cervical spine misalignment:

  • Chronic use: Activities such as poor lifting techniques or regularly bending in a certain way while working at your computer could increase your risk of a misaligned spine.
  • Scoliosis: A congenital diagnosis such as scoliosis can lead to issues with proper alignment of the spine. Intervention may be necessary to prevent serious consequences when scoliosis is severe.
  • Auto accidents: Collisions and other serious impacts can cause acute injuries that include spinal misalignments. Many people do not have immediate symptoms, and it could be years before they recognize the symptoms and receive care.
  • Slip and falls: Like traffic accidents, falls are a common cause of back injuries that can trigger misalignment symptoms.
  • Sports and recreation injuries: Many sports injuries involve significant blows, and this could lead to symptoms of a misaligned spine.

Misaligned Spine Chiropractic Treatment

Once you recognize your symptoms could indicate a misaligned spine, it is time to seek treatment for the underlying condition and get relief. Chiropractic care provides one of the best ways to address your symptoms. Our chiropractor can offer chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine, effectively eliminating the cause of your symptoms.

Chiropractic care is proven, evidence-based medical care provided by a Doctor of Chiropractic. These doctors prescribe adjustments to address many types of injuries and concerns involving the spine.

How Our Chiropractors May Approach Your Misaligned Spine Treatment

When you first see your chiropractor, they will need to assess and diagnose your condition. Most require an initial examination to learn more about your condition and needs. This could include X-rays and a physical exam to rule out any contraindications for adjustments and confirm the problem is a spinal misalignment. Medical imaging can also confirm where the misalignment occurred along the spine.

Once they understand your condition, your chiropractor will prescribe the necessary adjustments and generally begin treatment the same day. You can expect:

  • The doctor will have you lie on a treatment table
  • They will position you based on the type of adjustment or spinal manipulation they will administer
  • They will use their hands and/or a handheld device to align your body properly and apply force to realign your vertebrae

While you may feel some relief immediately and fewer symptoms within 24 hours of your spinal adjustment, most people need to continue a treatment plan that includes several more adjustments to ensure their spine remains properly aligned.

Sometimes, pain could increase for a few days following an adjustment. This is normal because your spine and soft tissues must readjust to how a proper alignment feels. If this happens to you, let your chiropractor know. There may be options for pain relief they can prescribe before your next adjustment.

Get Help From Our Chiropractic Team for Your Misaligned Spine

The Naples Community Injury Center team includes three doctors and brings more than 60 years of combined experience to our practice. We aim to help each patient manage their symptoms, treat their condition, recover fully, and rebuild strength to prevent future injuries. We believe back health is central to overall health and well-being.

We have experience managing a wide range of injuries, including both chronic and acute injuries related to:

Physiotherapy Treatments May Alleviate Misaligned Spine Pain

Our chiropractors can provide adjustments to address your misaligned spine symptoms, but we often recommend a comprehensive rehabilitation program that also includes physiotherapy and other treatments. When we pair chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy, strengthening exercises, and flexibility training, we can help patients rebuild strength and prevent future injuries.

We also offer many therapies that could help patients reduce pain and swelling and encourage healing. We prescribe these therapies alongside physical therapy and chiropractic care, helping ease symptoms while we address the underlying cause. This could include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • E-STIM therapy

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