Marco Island Back Injury Treatment

Whether you suffered a back injury in a car accident, at work, or in your home, the pain and stiffness can be debilitating. At Naples Community Injury Center (NCIC), we offer effective back injury care to reduce your discomfort and achieve your wellness goals. 

Using evidence-based chiropractic techniques and tailored physiotherapy treatments, we address both the symptoms and cause of your back pain. Our experienced licensed chiropractors and physiotherapists will work together to create an ideal treatment program to relieve pain, enhance mobility, and strengthen your injured back. 

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Attentive Care from Skilled Back Injury Specialists Serving Marco Island, FL

Back injuries require attentive care and specific treatment. It is, therefore, important to work with a skilled and knowledgeable team of chiropractors and physiotherapists. At NCIC, we know a back injury can present significant challenges in your daily life. We use proven chiropractic and physical therapy techniques to return you to the best possible health.

We start by addressing your injury at the source. Using a range of stimulation, massage, and chiropractic adjustments, we gently urge your injured bones and tissues back into their original configuration so they can begin healing. Once your injury’s inflammatory response has subsided and the swelling lessens, we begin to add a series of stretches and exercises to improve your strength and mobility. Our goal is to help you reach your maximum possible medical improvement following a back injury in Marco Island.

Back Injuries Can Cause Significant Long-Term Difficulties

The back is a complex system of interconnected bones, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues. Since the back acts as a support for the rest of the body, even a seemingly minor injury can disrupt your life. Severe back injuries can also affect your spinal cord, causing nerve damage and paralysis.

When you suffer a back injury, you could experience the following symptoms:

  • Acute or chronic back pain
  • Pain radiating to the extremities, including the legs, arms, hands, and feet
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Neck and back stiffness
  • An inability to bend, lift, or stand for long periods
  • Trouble turning or rotating the back or neck
  • Discomfort when sitting or lying down
  • Weakness in the extremities
  • Numbness in and around the affected area

Back injuries can be frustrating because the pain is difficult to escape, even when resting. Damaged vertebrae, spinal misalignment, herniated discs, pinched nerves, muscle spasms, and other back problems can prevent you from performing normal daily tasks. What’s more, the anxiety and depression that accompany these conditions can affect your mental health and relationships with others. 

Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

While certain severe back injuries (such as spinal cord damage) are not curable, chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments can offer relief from muscle tension and pain. 

Studies show that physiotherapy intervention can help increase voluntary muscle strength for muscles affected by spinal cord injuries. In addition, early physiotherapy intervention following a spinal cord injury can reduce complications and disabilities due to spinal cord damage. 

Our team is a well-oiled machine comprising licensed chiropractors, chiropractic physicians, physician assistants, medical doctors, and a neurosurgeon. We aim to ensure that you receive care specific to your needs. With over 60 years of combined experience, we know how to craft a treatment plan to meet your goals. 

Our Back Injury Team Serving Marco Island Offers Chiropractic Treatments 

At NCIC, we maintain a dedicated team of knowledgeable chiropractic physicians and assistants whose primary focus is ensuring your well-being. We use evidence-based chiropractic adjustment techniques, including spinal manipulation and reflex therapy, to treat minor to severe back injuries.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Marco Island Back Injuries

At NCIC, we take a systemic approach to back injury treatment. Although spinal manipulation and reflex therapy help realign your skeletal structure, it is important to pay equal attention to other parts of the body, including the muscles, discs, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues that support your spinal column. 

Through a combination of musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy, we address damaged back muscles and tissues. Our highly-qualified medical professionals specialize in numerous physiotherapy techniques to assist with your back injury in Marco Island. Physiotherapy treatments we provide include:

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Our musculoskeletal physical therapy techniques help to heal fractured vertebrae, strained and sprained muscles, and damaged soft tissues. If your back injury requires surgery, we also help with post-surgery recovery and rehabilitation.

Neurological and Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

If you suffered nerve or spinal cord damage, our team offers a targeted approach to treat nervous system trauma. The goal of neurological rehabilitation is to strengthen the muscles and reestablish movement in the affected areas. 

If your injury prevented you from walking for a period, you have options. We can use a tailored regimen of constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) and weight-supported treadmill training to reestablish muscle strength and improve your mobility.

Massage Therapy

We use massage therapy to stimulate circulation and encourage muscle and tissue regrowth. Massage therapy also helps break down scar tissue and reduce muscle tension, which reduces pressure on the nerves and joints. This in turn reduces pain, improves your range of motion, and increases flexibility.

Electrical Stimulation

Our team applies electrical stimulation (ES) treatment to injured muscles and tissues to induce healing and reduce inflammation. We strategically place electrodes near your damaged tissues. The electrodes produce low-voltage magnetic waves that increase circulation and break down scar tissue to facilitate healing.

Resistance Training

As your back injury heals, we will introduce certain exercises and stretches to strengthen muscles in and around the damaged area. Resistance training reduces pain and improves mobility through a series of targeted exercises using resistance bands and sometimes weights.

We monitor your progress closely during resistance training and modify your exercise regimen as necessary to ensure improvement.

Muscle Energy Techniques

If your back injury required bed rest or surgery recovery, you may benefit from muscle energy techniques (MET). To improve your muscle strength and mobility, the physiotherapist guides you through a series of muscle contractions and stretches. Over time, the process stretches tight muscles and mobilizes weakened joints for better muscle and joint function. 

Our Team Creates Customized Treatment Plans for These Conditions 

The back comprises a complex combination of bones, discs, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues. Each part of the back supports your body in a different way. This means that injuries to each part of the back affect you differently.

Our team addresses injuries and conditions affecting these areas

  1. Cervical spine: Includes the top seven vertebrae of the neck and provides for head and neck movement
  2. Thoracic spine: Includes the 12 chest vertebrae below the neck, which support the ribs
  3. Lumbar spine: Includes the five vertebrae below the thoracic spine. The lumbar spine supports the upper two spinal sections and supports most of your body weight.
  4. Sacrum: A triangular bone that consists of five fused vertebrae attached to the hips
  5. Coccyx: Four fused vertebrae below the sacrum create the coccyx or tailbone, which connects to the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments

A back injury is any injury to the spine or the ligaments, tendons, muscles, or nerves in or around the spine. Since the back serves as a support for the rest of the body, pain and damage from a back injury can radiate to any part of the body. 

Our medical doctors and neurosurgeon will conduct a thorough review of your x-rays and other imaging results, as well as a physical examination of your injury. Based on this information, we can ascertain the specific location of your injury and develop a personalized treatment plan. 

We Can Provide Medical Evidence for Your Back Injury Claim in Marco Island, FL

If your injury is a result of an accident or workplace mishap, we have extensive experience with back injury claims. With your written permission, we will compile medical records to support your claim, including:

  • Diagnostic tests and imaging scan results 
  • Written medical opinions regarding your injury’s cause and severity
  • Established and future treatment plan details
  • Disability and impairment analysis
  • Detailed invoices for your medical treatments

No matter how complex your treatment, our team is happy to provide the documentation your attorney needs to seek damages through a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim. 

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A back injury is a traumatic experience, no matter how minor it may seem on the outside. Back pain and mobility issues can affect every aspect of your personal and professional life. At Naples Community Injury Center, our skilled experts will create a unique plan to reduce discomfort while enhancing your mobility and flexibility.

If you or a loved one experiences pain and loss of movement from a back injury, you deserve effective, compassionate treatment from knowledgeable medical professionals. Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to provide the back injury care you need.

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